Announces an international conference PARTNERSHIPS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF RZESZÓW, POLAND announces an international conference   PARTNERSHIPS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR   to take place in Rzeszów, Poland 5-6 June 2014

Partnerships as forms to organize activities undertaken in the public sector have had a long history. As instruments to deliver public services in Europe, partnerships took root on a larger scale in the 1980s – accompanied by the spread of New Public Management. Initially being preferred for public-private ventures, partnerships soon started to be established that were inclusive of actors representing the not-for profit sector – the capacity of this sector to participate in decision-making processes and public service delivery was fully appreciated over the 1990s. Further mushrooming of partnerships was helped by a return to the principle of  subsidiarity that, together with the principle of decentralization, became a trademark of reforms undertaken in the public sector at the turn of the XX and XXI century. The dissemination of the concept of governance, which was promoted inter alia by the European Commission’s White Paper on Governance (2001), has provided an additional impulse in the development of partnerships as instruments to carry out the European Union’s regional and cohesion policy, tools to combat unemployment, poverty and social exclusion as well as means to deliver daily public services and to tackle complex problems – both sector-related and territorial in nature.

The goal of the conference is to present and disseminate results of scientific research focused on partnership understood as a form of co-operation involving stakeholders representing different sectors, which is established in the public sphere in order to reach public objectives. The organizers’ intention is to open the conference for presentation of the broadest possible spectrum of circumstances in which such partnerships are established and operated. To this end, we invite participants representing a variety of academic disciplines – political science, sociology, economy, law, cultural studies etc. – whose findings may contribute to an interdisciplinary discussion concerning the issue in question. Our call is also addressed at practitioners who – representing public administration, social organizations or economy – are familiar with the daily reality of partnerships across the public domains.

Without limiting the scope of possible presentations, we see the following issues as worth focusing upon during the June conference:

  • partnerships as instruments to carry out policies of development both in rural and urban areas;
  • two- and three-sector partnerships as tools to deliver public tasks;
  • partnerships as a form of social and civic dialogue;
  • partnerships as means to counteract social exclusion;
  • legal frameworks for partnerships, including limitations created by law and recommendations concerning legal solutions that circumscribe the establishing and functioning of partnerships;
  • political and administrative cultures in the framework of which partnerships function and the possibilities to change such cultures via partnerships;
  • social capital and its role in establishing and functioning of partnerships and vice versa, i.e.  – the role of partnerships in generating social capital;
  • partnerships in multi-cultural societies/communities;
  • opportunities to further develop the partnership approach in the coming EU financial perspective 2014-2020.

The two-day conference proceedings will take place both in plenary sessions and thematic groups. The proceedings will be held in Polish and/or English.

Articles, prepared by the participants on the basis of their conference papers, may be published in one of the two volumes – depending on the language of the article – i.e. either in a volume edited in Polish or in a volume edited in English (in the latter case please note that the conference organizers do not guarantee proof-reading of the articles submitted, which is their authors’ responsibility). The decision to publish the submitted articles will depend upon their positive reviews by external reviewers.

Please note that the organizers will accept for reviewing and publishing only those papers that will have been delivered during the conference proceedings.

The conference fee is set at 350 PLN (which covers the costs of: conference materials, catering, and the monographs’ publishing) or at 480 PLN (which is inclusive of accommodation).

The participants’ registration for the June conference will be carried out in an electronic form via a dedicated web-site. The process will be initiated at the beginning of 2014, following an announcement that will be distributed electronically among the potential participants.

For further information on the conference please look at our website